Udaipur Maharana Pratap Airport - Train to city centre

Direct connection between Udaipur Airport and the city center is not available since the train doesn’t reach directly to the airport.

Udaipur’s railway station is located at 20 km from the Airport.

The most suitable option to get to the railway station properly from the airport is to ride a pre-paid taxi. It will take you no more than 30 minutes to get to the station.

Once in the station, you’ll be also nearby city downtown. Depending on where do you want to go from the city center, you’ll have to ride a taxi or an auto-rickshaw, since the city center is at 3 km from the station.

The station connects Udaipur to major Indian cities like Jaipur, Delhi, Mumbai, Kolkata, among others.

Since distances in India are big, travelling by train turns to be the wisest option.

City Center to Udaipur Maharana Pratap Airport

Get to the railway station and once there, ask for a cab to reach to the airport.


To check out the fares, please see the information below:

Taxi fares

For a one-way trip from Udaipur Airport to the city center by pre-paid taxi, there is an estimated cost of between INR 500 - 750.

For further information, please contact to the taxi company.

Car sharing

On the other hand, to get better prices, you can try apps such as Uber or the local car sharing app Ola. Estimated fares are between INR 300 to 350.

Tuk – Tuk (rickshaw)

Depending on the final destination, taxi driver could suggest you to take a Tuk – Tuk, since is more efficient in the city center, especially in narrow and crowded streets.

Estimated fares can vary between INR 50 – 100.


The main attraction of Udaipur railway station is The Living Wall, a self-sufficient vertical garden from the exterior to the interior of the station building, covering a barren wall of 1,400 square feet. To grow the plants that forms this magnificent vertical green space, organic fertilizers were properly used.